Suspected Wrong-side Signal Failure near Stepford East

Suspected Wrong-side Signal Failure near Stepford East

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Attachment Normal Bug Project: Stepford County Railway

Suspected wrong-side failure at Signal No. S082. The signal shows a ‘proceed’ aspect until the train coming out Stepford Depot (C2) is partially merged into the main line. There is nothing that changes the aforementioned signal from the depot all the way to the switch connecting the depot to the main line coming out of Stepford East Station Platform 4. The signal finally switches to show a ‘danger’ aspect immediately after the train coming out of the depot reaches a certain sensor on the track. I believe that main line trains do not have sufficient time to come to a full stop before the problematic signal after seeing trains coming out of the depot, as that specific main line section runs at a speed limit of 75 mph. I have been collided into two times before, due to this suspected signal failure.

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